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Sound based emotional support pet

for pediatric patients.

Care Pet provides companionship

in the most terrifying situations. 

It shares emotions, 

and shares the happiest moments.


It all begins with...


In collaboration with YAMAHA Design Research Center,

I challenged myself to create concepts and services

for digital natives, the brand new market.

Hospitals are scary...

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, Sarah J. Clark, M.P.H

Salmela M, Salanterä S, Aronen E. Child-reported hospital fears in 4 to 6-year-old children. Pediatr Nurs. 2009 Sep-Oct;35(5):269-76, 303.


Children are afraid of visiting doctors

9 out of 10

Children are scared of hospitals


People visit hospitals to fix physical pain

but they walk out with emotional pain

We have ability to reduce mental pain.

Fear is just another emotion after all.

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Care Pet helps children receive

medical treatments without anxiety.

It creates companionship and comforts children.

Care Pet Cares!

Customizable Outfit

Download the Care Pet mobile app 

and personalize your Care Pet look!

Customizable plush fabric outfit can be

zipped on and off your Care Pet. 

How Care Pet Reduces Anxiety


Animal companionship

reduces anxiety, depression,

increases hormone oxytocine.


Holds hands

eases pain.


Provides natural sound

uses real animal sounds,

which helps bodily relaxation.

Chandler, C. K. (2012). Animal assisted therapy in counseling (2nd ed.). Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. J Post-White, et al., Therapeutic massage and healing touch improve symptoms in cancer. Integr Cancer Ther 2, 332–344 (2003). University of Sussex. “It’s true: The sound of nature helps us relax.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 30 March 2017.

Hospital Visit with Care Pet

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Asset 3_Removed Background.png

Child downloads

the Care Pet mobile app.

She selects her pet,

and registers pet's name.

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Asset 3_Removed Background.png
Asset 3_Removed Background.png

Care Pet with customized clothing arrives,

and she checks her pet via mobile application.

It answers with sound while she pets.

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Asset 3_Removed Background.png

Squeezes the pet

while it creates painful sound.

It emotionally connects

and builds companionship.

Getting sick together eases pain

Mobile application marks

the pushed area as an injured part.

It can be deleted after child's recovery.

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Care Pet walks recovery journey with you

Heart for the soul 

Every Care Pet has a heart,

which is a YAMAHA made speaker.

The sound comes from the heart 

when the pet is touched.

Digital Natives


receive emotional support digitally.

 Instant sound feedback is perfect for quick adoption.

In the studio

Asset 17.png

How Care Pet was created

Gaming Device

Virtual pet sings 

when picture is taken

of specific hospital objects.


Meet Care Pet !

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Platinum being the only catalyser,

platinum silicone is food grade silicone

that can pass FDA, LFGB test.

Used widely in medical supplies, baby products.

In Situ Render_edited.jpg

Ultimate companion

for your recovery journey.

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